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Kim Von Martin




I provide financing and servicing solutions to attorneys and medical providers that streamlines the arduous personal injury claims process. With a focus on transparency, collaboration and technology, Kim Vaughn Martin’s clients experience better patient outcomes, more business referrals, and greater settlements. I have been helping medical providers and attorneys deliver high quality medical care to accident victims for several years. I follow HIPAA regulations and deliver state of the art technology to attorneys and medical providers. I have developed strategic partnerships with health care providers to grow and improve their ability to service accident victims. I have a sterling network of physicians, facilities at your disposal, and I am flexible to work with whomever you desire. The ultimate needs of your clientele always come first.

I will continue to support health providers in multiple specialties including surgery centers and hospitals. I purchase account receivables from every state except for New York and Michigan. If you are interested in expanding and enhancing your medical lien business. I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how I can add value to your business.

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